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Version 2.2
Merry Christmas for every one. The version 2.2 is online. I take lot of time to make again the features dropped because nobody say it use it util I have published the new version. 90% of the user search more performance when it's around Ultracopier. Now the performance is improved with version 2.
For some internal reason we have finished change the Ultracopier (and whole domain) to Confiared VPS with their CDN. Mean I had drop the old url for the updater, Ultracopier 1.x and 2.0 will not detect this new update.
I have change my Virtual Machine to QEMU, then I have updated Mac OS, Qt for Mac OS, ...then Ultracopier will be deeply updated on this platform.

Please buy a license or buy Confiared VPS/hosting to help the project to advance.
I have financial difficult, but I wish continue this adventure with you. Most of my research, algorithm, knowledge is published freely. And of course my code (with good quality) is OpenSource (GPL3). I had mount a green data-center to help the earth, optimise my code to lower the consumed electricity. Thanks for every one helping me.

Features for version 2

Now the version 2 is more stable, with more CPU performance into the new interface.
I will do again the removed features as checksum, pause, speed limit but this have performance impact (requested lot of time).


Version 2

Version 2 is here.
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Version 2 RC

Version 2 goes into RC, the base should be stable, the internal structures are in OS format.

You can start reporting the bug via email (see the contact page).
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Version 2 Beta
Ultracopier 2
The version 2 go to Beta, it's not stable but the it's mostly features/structure finish.
Above you can see the definitive interface for the version 2, normal mode with your interface style and color will be available.
You can visualize the file/folder size, the copy speed by file size, the lasts copy speed.
I do the style with GIMP, see the how to Glow progression bar for Ultracopier 2 ui black, I will improve this, but the actual style is correct.
Finally I will keep the version Mac OS X, the compatibility is not so hard.

If you like the project, but your key for the version 2

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